Micro Finance Pro Key Features

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience with MFP and discover the diverse possibilities offered by our solutions. Explore the great features you can use to optimize your experience with Micro Finance Pro.


Microfinance Institutions,

Maximize efficiency!


Customer Management and Credits

We offer the possibility of creating accounts for your customers who cannot do it themselves, while facilitating the granting of credit to those who request it directly from our platform.

Agency management

The platform provides you with reports on the operations carried out in each of your agencies and the exact number of your employees.

Instant messaging

No more queuing for claims. Respond in real time to your customers' concerns using our application.

SMS notification

Reassure your customers who do not have internet or smartphone; they will be notified by SMS.

Transaction validation

A mobile application, attached to this application, allows your agents to validate the transactions carried out by your subscribers from their application.

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Tontine online

You now have the possibility of receiving your funds at any time and from any place.

Tsecure ransactions

Less theft. We will make sure that all your transactions are secure

Transfers / Digital applications

You will be able to submit credit / loan applications from home to facilitate financial transactions.

Automatic update

Regular updates to always ensure you have a pleasant and fast experience.

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Competitive advantages

Are you still hesitant? Here are the key points that will give you the edge over the competition if you team up with us.


All transactions are physical and we have an alert system on application performance.

Mobile banking

Confirmation by SMS for customers without internet

Unique features

Instant messaging


What you gain with us!


amount covered

Our system will help you save up to 30% of your losses. Or 300,000 XOF out of every million.


Reduction of inspectors

MFP will reduce the need for physical inspection by up to 75%


Confidence restored

Effective customer service and state-of-the-art security are our secret ingredient to help you win back the hearts of your customers

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